Gaia Host Support Scope

Gaia Host provides the following services as part of our standard support scope.

Note: Services above and beyond these areas may be subject to a consulting charge of $75.00/hr. We will always confirm with you first before providing consulting services.

  • These aspects of your Account are manageable through the Gaia Host Account control panel:
    • manage Email addresses (create/remove/update mailboxes and forwarding aliases, including mailbox password resets)
    • DNS management
    • FTP access to your website files and FTP password resets
    • Database credentials and back-end PhpMyAdmin access

  • Additionally, our tech support can assist you with:
    • Email setup
    • Troubleshooting Email issues
    • Webmail access
    • Server availability issues (if the Website server goes down)
    • Website statistics reports
    • Domain name routing
    • Providing server configuration information

  • What is beyond the scope of Gaia Host's technical support?
    Anything that's specific to how your Website works or anything you do after you log into your Website is outside that scope. This includes:
    • Administering your Website
    • Creating/updating content on your Website
    • Managing users of your Website
    • Managing user-contributed content on your Website
    • Troubleshooting application errors


Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us (see email & phone # right below). We're here to help!